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New Flash Tutorials for most frequently used Control panel items!

Email Client Walkthrough

More info on the mail system

Helpfile on the new shopping cart addition to the control panel

Helpfile on the Control panel features
Not all features will apply to your account as different accounts include different features and for older clients who are billed NOT by the control panel, the billing section does not apply to you.

New formmail script can be installed directly from your control panel by clicking on the formmail Icon. The path to the new formmail will be /cgi-bin/formmail/formmail.cgi
More info on the use of formmail can be found :by Clicking Here


Best1Hosting is well known for its unparalleled level of support. Compare our support to any other web hosting company and you will quickly see why more people choose Best1Hosting. We value our customers greatly and believe that customer support is the key to great hosting.

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