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Network Specifications

Best1Hosting utilizes one of the fastest global networks which provides multiple redundant OC-12c and OC-3c lines between strategically located Internet Data Centers (IDC's). The IDC's form a interweaved mesh of redundant lines, which eliminate the risk of single point of failure found on other ISP's. This network's strongest point lies in the number of Private and Public peerings established between other global network providers. These high bandwidth peering relationships create the shortest path between our clients Internet Sites and end-users. Strategic peerings relationships include such providers as: UUNET, Sprint, Cable & Wireless, Teleglobe, AT&T Unisource, AT&T Pac Rim, Dacom, KDD. The new IDC located in London provides the fastest relationship with Eureopean countries. Network switching and forwarding hardware is provided by Cisco.


Network Benefits
  • Multiple OC-12 lines provide over 14 Gbps in aggregrate bandwidth
  • Network is designed to handle Internet bandwidth spikes
  • Strategic peerings with other major backbones eliminate congested Metropolitian Exchanges
  • All IDC's have triple redundant power backup systems: including EPS and Gas Generators
  • IDC's have 24x7x365 Monitoring
  • With four new IDC's in production, the network is scaling with the new demands of the Internet
  • All accounts are subject to the terms of our Acceptable Usage Policy, Service Agreement and Spam Policy.

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