What is "Spam"?

If you 're a veteran of the online world, you've no doubt received a number of "junk" emails. Some take the shape of "Make Money Fast" schemes. Others promise exciting new products or services, often amounting to nothing more than scams asking you to send money to a random address. Still others simply occupy space in your mailbox, asking you to forward chain letters around the world or visit a particular Web site.

In the Internet community, unsolicited commercial email is called Spam. And Spam is more than annoying to Internet users; it also seriously affects the efficiency of the network and servers through which mail is delivered. That´s because Spammers take advantage of the low cost of email by sending hundreds of thousands or even millions of email solicitations at a time. Spam attacks consume large amounts of bandwidth, clog email boxes, and waste email readers´ time.

That's why BEST1HOSTING, one of the leading providers of Internet solutions for business, has taken a strong stand against Spam.

How is BEST1HOSTING Working to Eliminate Spam?

As a provider of Internet network services and management, Hosting Solutions considers it an obligation to put an end to Spam. We respect your need for efficient, cost-effective and interruption-free services, and we pride ourselves on offering you one of the most scalable, reliable and redundant networks available today.

To prevent non-customers from using our email relay services, all of our SMTP services are password protected with the account and password of our users. Please take your email security seriously and help us to keep your email account from being abused!

Often times, Spammers sign up for an account with a service provider, and send spam until their provider terminates their account, at which time they painlessly move on to another service provider. BEST1HOSTING protects all of our customers from Spam by charging for Spam so that Spammers will acquire a significant financially liability that doesn´t dissappear even if service is terminated. While this may sound like acceptance of Spam, are true goal is to eliminate any economic incentive Spammers may have - and thus prevent Spammers from being our customers, even for a short while.

Spam Policy Definitions

Excessive Volume: More than 150 email messages in a 24 hour period where prior written approval from BEST1HOSTING has not been obtained.

Unsolicited Email Message: Any email message that falls under 1 or more of the following categories:

  • "Chain" letters: Commercial solicitations where no prior commercial relationship exists and where the recipient has not previously initiated communiciation Religious, philosophical, or charitable solicitations or fliers where the recipient has not previously initiated communication.
  • Sourced Spam: Each and every Unsolicited Email Message that is sent through a single BEST1HOSTING supplied email account whenever that single email account originates an Excessive Volume.
  • Caused Spam: Each and every Unsolicited Email Message, sent in an Excessive Volume by any party over any network to any party, which advertises or mentions a site hosted by a BEST1HOSTING customer on the BEST1HOSTING network, whenever directly caused by the actions of a BEST1HOSTING customer.
  • Mailing List Spam: When setting up mailing lists on our system you MUST set the mailing list to: "Subscription requires confirmation by reply to a message sent to the subscription address." and "Unsubscribe does not require confirmation."
  • Setting up Spam Traps: Spamtraps are addresses whose sole reason for existence is to see if people will send unsolicited e-mail to them.

    Spam Policy

    Any BEST1HOSTING customer willfully responsible for Sourced Spam or for Caused Spam will be charged $5, payable immediately, for each email message in either the Sourced Spam or Caused Spam. We further reserve the right to terminate the network services of any customer responsible for either Sourced Spam or Caused Spam.

    If you have any complaints or comments regarding Spam on our network, please direct them via email to


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