Get your own "800" number ! ! !

For 4.5 cents/minute usage, you can have your toll free number ring on any number you want:


*Cell Phone


If you already have a toll-free number, and want to keep the same number - we can switch you over! AND SAVE YOU $$$


 *An essential business toll.

 *Easiest and cheapest way to call home for:

1. Travelling spouses

2. Kids at College

3. Relatives in another state.

Pay only for useage - at 4.5 Cents/minute coming in!

Our toll free feature comes with our great long distance services:

4.5 cents / minute

- 24 Hours / day!

-7 days / week!

- 1+ dialing - no hassle of extra numbers to dial!

Billing and customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! That number is 1-800-860-9495.

Calling Cards - only 9.9 Cents/mins

Sign up On-line! 206093 Click Here


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